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I’ve never been into the whole manicure at home ‘thing’. A DIY file and paint is about as far as I go, minus two or three manicures a year for special occasions.

While I was treating myself to my most recent special occasion manicure before Christmas, I mentioned to my nail technician about how dry I get around my cuticles and how messy they look. She said they were dehydrated and suggested I buy CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner. I had come across this product before when it’s been applied at the end of a manicure, but I wasn’t really sure what it did or the benefits of using it more than my irregular nail treatments.

Solar oil product

Feeling in the Christmas spirit, I decided to take the £12.95 plunge (big spender) on a 15ml bottle and quite simply it has CHANGED MY LIFE.

Whilst in ‘sales mode’, my nail technician said that not using a cuticle oil was like washing your hair and not using conditioner. Not only does cuticle oil nourish nails with jojoba and vitamin E, it also combated my dryness, dehydration and has made my shellac last around a week longer than usual. Bonus!

Solar oil

It looks just like a nail polish bottle, but instead of brushing directly onto the nail use the brush around the cuticle edges and massage in. I find one dip is enough for one hand, so a bottle will last for ages. It instantly absorbs and isn’t sticky, so perfect to use before bed. I’ve been using it every other day for the last few weeks and it has made such a difference.

Yay for conditioned cuticles!

P.s. My nail colour is No More Mr.Night Sky by OPI Gelcolour.

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