Prepare for Party Brunch at Bunga Bunga

From the outside, Bunga Bunga on Battersea Bridge looks like your fairly standard restaurant – with its stripey awnings, fluro signs and blackboards screaming the Italian pizzeria vibe.

Bunga Bunga

However, once you get inside, this place goes OFF *cue a Westwood-esque siren*

I’m talking absolutely crazy, prosecco-fuelled MAYHEM. The perfect place to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

It all starts rather civilised. We were shown to our pre-booked table and took in the surroundings.

Bunga Bunga art

Bunga Bunga art


Included in the price you get the perfect brunch spread, starting with warm brioche and a selection of jams and nutella, cold meats with melon, followed by four fresh sour dough pizzas topped with tasty ingredients.

We washed it down with a carafe of bottomless prosecco, accompanied with fruit juices to make our own bellinis. How lavish.

Bunga Bunga table

Bunga Bunga party brunch

Bunga Bunga pizza

Bunga Bunga pizza


Time flew by and once we had eaten, we only had an hour left at our table. This was the exact point that our civilised, ‘adult’ brunch went out the window and we decided the bottomless prosecco drinking needed to be taken up a notch.

Actually, make that about 10 notches.

Obviously, the waiting staff are used to this type of wild behaviour and were super speedy at re-filling – even so, it’s surprising just how much prosecco four people can get through when they’re under pressure.

Bunga Bunga bar

Bunga Bunga bar

I have to admit my memory gets more than a little hazy from here onwards. Our two hours were finished on our table at 1.30pm so we moved over to the bar to make way for the second sitting of brunchers. At some point during the afternoon, all the black-out blinds were pulled down and Bunga Bunga turned into a full-on nightclub – cue the disco lights, drag queen, karaoke, dancing on the bar and general frivolity. We felt like we were on holiday, absolutely loving life and singing along to all the best hits. IT WAS AMAZING.

Bunga karaoke


If you’re looking for a birthday party, hen do or day out with a difference (where a lot of alcohol is involved) I highly recommend Bunga Bunga Party Brunch. It’s lively to say the least.

Don’t miss: the aprons worn by the bar staff, learning to speak Italian in the loo and the prosecco ice pops.

Info: Party Brunch is on every Saturday in two sittings: the first at 11.30am and the second at 1.45pm, for £44 per person. You have your table for two hours and afterwards you can stay on at the bar to continue to the party until close at 5pm. Find out more about Bunga Bunga.

Disclaimer: Bunga Bunga is not for the elderly, hungover or those looking for a relaxing way to spend their Saturday. If you visit Bunga Bunga as a result of this blog post, I cannot be held accountable for your hangover.


  1. 29th May 2016 / 1:26 pm

    super fun place although they have had a few problems with mice and other critters the last few times I’ve been!!!! i would go for drinks but not food lol

  2. Joanna
    18th June 2016 / 9:28 am

    Ha ha brilliant Charlie! Bottomless Prosecco? ?????

    • charlie bloggs
      21st June 2016 / 9:36 pm

      Hahaha! Yep 🙂

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