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HELLO! I’m finally back to the blog after three months off. I actually never intended to be away for so long, but it turns out time has totally flown by and here I am back writing again.

I really can’t believe my last post was three months ago; it feels like yesterday I was sitting in our flat, surrounded by boxes and bubblewrap, scouting house inspo on Pinterest. Now, I’m sitting in our NEW HOUSE, surrounded (still) by a few boxes and stripped walls, feeling so chuffed that the move is done and dusted.

So, what have I been doing while I’ve been away? It all went a bit crazy in July: I was a bridesmaid for our very close friends, two weeks after that we moved house (which I was starting to think might never happen), then a week after that I started a new job. So I think I’ve had a pretty good excuse to have a break from the blog! Since all of that, we’ve been cracking on decorating and doing general new home stuff, as well as settling into my new job and taking on some freelance copywriting jobs on the side.

Even though I’ve had some time away from blogging and tweeting, that’s not to say I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been taking my camera along to all the fab things I’ve done over the summer and have lots planned to write about. I’ve been really looking forward to getting back into blogging again, but I didn’t want to start until I could properly dedicate some time to it. I thought it would be better to be silent for a while, rather than being really sporadic.

So that’s a little update from me. I hope you’ve had a good summer and come back soon to see my new posts.

Charlie x

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